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BodyGuard Compression Garments - Feels Like Skin - Acts Like Muscle
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Member Athletic Training Marketplace

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Bodyguard™ Testimonials
BodyGuard Runs Marathon
BodyGuard President, Phillip Gilliam running in the Miami Marathon on January 29, 2006

BodyGuard President, Phillip Gilliam, at the finish line

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BodyGuard™ Compression Garments
“The finest compression garments for injury prevention in the world“
Made in the U.S.A.

Antibody Inc. is a manufacturer of custom compression sportswear for exercise physiology and injury prevention. BodyGuard™ Compression Garments are designed to accommodate musculoskeletal injuries to the shoulder, chest, bicep, tricep, upper back, groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hip, lower back, pelvis, knee, shin, ankle, elbow and wrist. The BodyGuard™ line includes the patented BodyGuard™ customized Compression Shorts (hamstring injuries, groin injuries) and the customized "Angle" Compression Shoulder Brace for shoulder strains, separations (subluxations) and shoulder injury protection.


Compression Shoulder Brace

Shoulder Brace Get back in the game with the BodyGuard™ “Angle“ compression shoulder brace. This breakthrough device surrounds the entire muscle group including: the chest, upper back and shoulder to provide ... Buy now

Compression Shorts

Compression Shorts Change how the game is played with the BodyGuard™ compression shorts. Run faster, jump higher, and perform longer. Here is where ingenuity and engineering met to create a device so unique that ... Buy now

Compression Double Shoulder Brace

Compression Double Shoulder Brace The BodyGuard™ “Angle“ compression double shoulder brace is our newest product. The brace is designed to have a shorter arm on the existing (less severe) injury and the longer arm on the new (more severe) injury... Buy now

Compression Elbow Brace

Elbow Brace Push it to the limit with the BodyGuard™ compression elbow brace. Say goodbye to the nagging pain from tendonitis or sprained elbow injury. This state of the art elbow brace will add compression, comfort and ... Buy now

Compression Knee Brace

Compression Knee Brace The BodyGuard™ compression knee brace gives you a leg up on the competition. The lightweight design adds compression, comfort, stability, support, and performance enhancement to the sprained or bruised... Buy now

Compression Shin Splints

Shin brace Relief is on the way for those suffering from shin splints, calf muscle strains and shin bruises with The BodyGuard™ compression shin splints. The BodyGuard™ shin splints will add compression, comfort and... Buy now

Open Patella Compression Knee Brace

Open Patella Compression Knee Brace The BodyGuard™ Open Patella Compression Knee Brace is designed to add comfort, stability and performance enhancement to the sprained or bruised knee while taking direct pressure off of the knee cap itself ... Buy now

Compression Ankle Brace

Ankle Brace Don’t miss a step with the BodyGuard™ ankle compression brace. This device reduces the risk of ankle sprains/strains and impact trauma when used during physical activity. It also adds, compression, comfort and ... Buy now

Custom Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

Custom Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace The BodyGuard™ Custom Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace is designed to add compression, comfort, stability, increased blood flow and performance enhancement to the sprained or injured wrist ... Buy now

The 329 Heel Lock Ankle Brace

The 329 Heel Lock Ankle Brace The 329 Heel Lock Ankle Brace was designed and developed to be a practical and affordable ankle stabilization device. It provides significant medial and lateral ankle support, a strong heel locking mechanism... Buy now
New! BodyGuard™

Custom Compression Back Brace

Custom Back Brace The BodyGuard™ Custom Back Brace reduce the effects of lower back injuries, lower back sprains and strains including impact trauma/severe bruising to the lower back ... Buy now

The BodyGuard™ line of compression garments were created using a patented technology developed by Antibody, Inc. which represents a revolutionary approach to the prevention and treatment of upper and lower-body athletic injuries through the use of the theory of Stored Elastic Energy Transfer ("SEET").

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Angle Double Shoulder Brace Testimonial

Champion Game Nagel HittingPlease accept this testimonial about how important this left shoulder Antibody Brace was for my son, Miles, Baseball Player.

Miles has played baseball since he was 5 years old. When he was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with a cyst in his pitching arm bone that required 3 surgeries. When he was 12 years old, he had surgery in his right shoulder due to a tear in his labrum. At 16, he dislocated his left shoulder hitting a baseball and went through intense rehab trying to avoid surgery. The following spring, he was a Sophomore tryouts and dislocated his left shoulder again which resulted in surgery. He missed the entire school baseball season again doing intensive rehab. He returned playing summer ball but was hit in the face by a baseball which resulted in a plate to his cheek bone and reconstruction of his right eye socket. In March 2008 as a Junior, his first game of the season, he hit a home run to left field again dislocating his left shoulder. It was at that time, I discovered the Antibody Shoulder Brace. We have been using your product successfully since that time.

Miles is 6'4" and bats 4th as a power hitter. This product has saved his career and continues to allow him to do what he loves in life... Play Baseball.

More on: Baseball Player >>

Bodyguard™ Customer Testimonial

"Again, I can't thank you enough for taking care of my son's injury. The Angle shoulder brace allowed my son to play the entire season last year without re-injuring his shoulder a single time - which was remarkable. The doctors told him he would have had to have surgery if he had dislocated it again and he would not have been able to play football again.

We will also pass your name and company information on to our new Athletic Director so that he can utilize your products and services in the future.

We are extremely happy customers in Texas!"
Ms. Lisa Zach

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Bodyguard™ Customer Testimonial

"Thank you for such a terrific product; the "Bodyguard Compression Angle Double Shoulder Brace." After much research, I bought it for my wrestler son on January 7th, 2010. It was a great help for my son's nagging injured shoulder.

It does everything as advertised. It feels like a second skin and provides a tremendous amount of support for my son and his shoulder. When he first put it on, he said he felt like he had grown muscles on top of his muscles and it brought a smile from ear to ear. Confidence grew from the support of your product."

Tom V.

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BodyGuard™ ANGLE
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Bodyguard Muscular Compression System (Anterior & Posterior views)

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