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Performance | Protection | Prevention

Trust Your Greatest Asset to the BodyGuard™

Custom Compression Sportswear

Where Does it Hurt?

Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation for Athletes of All Types

Fits, Feels and Functions Like Skin and Muscle

90% of the NFL teams have chosen the Bodyguard™

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BodyGuard™ Order Process

The order process is quick and easy. Select a Bodyguard product that fits your needs from the muscular chart below! Enter your specific measurements! Submit your order through our secure shopping cart! Your order will ship in 1-3 business days.

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Select Garment

Where Does it Hurt? We can support and reduce injuries to your shoulder, chest, bicep, tricep, upper back, groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hip, lower back, pelvis, knee, shin, ankle, elbow and wrist.

Enter Measurements

For custom garments follow the easy measurements instructions and input your measurements to complete your order! For our standard sized garments simply provide one measurement and select the size for that measurement. That’s it!

Submit Order

We accept all major credit cards. Each garment is custom made to fit your specific measurements. Your product will ship in 1 - 3 days. All Antibody, Inc. orders are shipped via UPS, simply choose the option that meets your delivery needs.

 Where Does it Hurt?
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Where Does it Hurt?

Bodyguard Muscular Compression System (Anterior & Posterior views)

The Finest Compression Garments for Injury Prevention in the World

Antibody Inc. designs custom sportswear for exercise and injury prevention. We are the right solution for whatever hurts you almost anywhere and everywhere! Our Bodyguard products deliver compression, support, muscle warming, strain distribution and impact absorption. We can support and reduce injuries to your shoulder, chest, bicep, tricep, upper back, groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hip, lower back, pelvis, knee, shin, ankle, elbow and wrist. Everywhere you can hurt, we can help for most things athletic! Feels like skin ,acts like muscle!
Triple H.World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia, a small tear in my adductor at the insertion, and a small tear in my lower abdominal wall. I was the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the time, and I could not take time off. I could not have gotten through my matches or my fight scenes without the Antibody Bodyguard; I was able to fulfill all my commitments and headline 3 WWE Pay-Per-Views. The Antibody Bodyguard made me feel like I had an extra layer of muscle that gave me the ability and the confidence to perform. I recommend the Antibody Bodyguard for any athlete that has suffered an injury similar to mine.
Tim & Tracey D.
My twin sons race motocross, during a race my one son, Timothy, crashed out at the finish line and dislocated his shoulder and tore his labrum. After months of intensive physical therapy, we purchased your Antibody shoulder harness so he could resume racing. Not only has he worn the harness every race, but continues to wear it over the past year. And even though he has crashed out multiple times this past year (nature of the sport), his shoulder has never again dislocated. We attribute this as a direct benefit of him wearing your harness. We recommend your harness and your company to everyone we know who is in need of one.
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