About Antibody, Inc.

NewSquareABlogoBodyguards were invented with a single thought while having lunch in November of 1995.

“Make rubber work like muscle to heal the human body”

My goal was to make a device that fits, feels and functions like skin and muscle. I wanted to replace to ace bandages and tape for muscle injuries.

As if by fate, in December of 1995 I suffered a severe injury to my left shoulder. I tore my rotator cuff. My injuries required major reconstructive surgery and a nine-month rehabilitation. I designed a brace to protect my own shoulder using a neoprene polymer to work like muscle. This material was light, soft and comfortable while effectively and comfortably supporting my injured shoulder.

While using my invention to rehab my shoulder injury, I discovered benefits that even I had not imagined. So confident that these benefits were real and not imagined I formed Antibody, Inc. and invested in an ergonomic study of my invention by the Ball State University Human Performance Laboratory. The results were remarkable (see performance tests).

The Mission of Antibody Inc.

To protect and serve athlete’s and non-athletes everywhere. We want to deliver high quality, customized and standardized compressive sportswear that reduces injury, enhances physical performance and positively effects athletic longevity in the human body.

Phillip L. Gilliam President Antibody, Inc.


Invest in Antibody, Inc.

Business Strategy: To automate existing processes and commence the mass marketing and advertising of The BodyGuard products. To expand the market from niche sports garments to health and medical industry with secondary industries to retail athletic apparel. ...Learn More


Where Does it Hurt?

Antibody Inc. is a manufacturer of custom compression sportswear for exercise physiology and injury prevention. The Bodyguard devices deliver compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption. Wherever you hurt, we can help! ...Shop Now


The Science Behind the Bodyguard

The Bodyguard Compression garments are designed based on the theory of Stored Elastic Energy Transfer (SEET). Rubberized material has stored elastic energy. When you "attach" a rubberized material to the surface of the body, the Stored Elastic Energy is transferred to the body. ...Learn More

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