Inventor: Phillip Gilliam

Phillip Gilliam- “Sports Medicine Servant of the Injured”

PRESIDENTS-MESSAGE200Originally from the city known as one of the top 10 markets for business relocation and expansion, Phillip Gilliam has added to the success of the state. Born March 6, 1959, he has made a significant contribution to the sports medicine community.

In his youth he fell in love with sports and science, the two areas which set the foundation to his destiny.
Phillip went to Morgan State University where he obtained his degree in Physics and Engineering.

Phillip patented his Antibody Sports Garment on September 28, 1999 (U.S. Patent 5,957,878). It was shortly afterwards when he connected with a tailor to begin making his invention. He used to keep all the prototypes under his bed in a clothing bag as if the Russians or “Spectre” (James Bonds’ movies) were coming after what God has given him. His first client was the Head Athletic Trainer of Baltimore Ravens. They believed in him and what he was doing and allowed him to use it on Michael Jackson from Southern Mississippi University and they worked! The Ravens had officially become his first steady client.

Phillip built a relationship with NovaCare Rehabilitation/Select Medical and continued from there to reach out to others from Universities to NFL teams, and even some High School Affiliations. Originally these were 25% of his customers. The other 75% were just average people who are trying to protect themselves or their children from injury.

On September 28, 2010, the same day as his previous patent, Phillip was awarded his SECOND patent for his device the “Sisyphean Chamber” (U.S. Patent 7,803,092B). This chamber would be used as the perfect device to work upper and lower body strength, balance, center of gravity, stamina, and endurance while incorporating a cardiovascular workout. He has received letters of interest from the U.S. Naval Academy, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Detroit Lions.

If you would like to book Phillip for a speaking engagement or just touch basis with him about his products and insight on sports medicine, you can do so by sending an email to He would love to hear from you and have your support.