Invest in Antibody, Inc.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a ground level investor in a company targeted for growth from a $ 4B to $ 96B industry.  Antibody, Inc. has been successfully operating for over ten (10) as the only 100% custom compression garment in the United States.
Join us as we automate and scale the business from a niche market to mass production. 

Company Background: 

Antibody, Inc. has provided solutions for sports injury and healing promotion since 2000. By the year 2012, our client base includes 80% of National Football League (NFL) teams as clientele. During this time Antibody, Inc. had a 100% manual, custom and handcrafted process which was solely operated on a day to day basis by the CEO. In spite of a one-man-shop operation and a down economy, the company grossed an average of six figures, operating with a single proprietor, handcrafted processes and grassroots / word of mouth marketing.Business Description:Antibody Inc. is a manufacturer of custom compression sportswear for exercise physiology and injury prevention. The Bodyguard devices deliver compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption. We heal every joint and muscle region in the human body.TAM:The total current addressable market includes the $ 4B sports garment. The new addressable market will include $ 96B Health and Medical field when the BodyGuard is FDA and European Union (EU) Ministry of Health approved.


The protection of the US Patent process severely limits competition. There are no FDA approved custom compression garments within the North America market space. The closest competitors are not custom made and are ineffective due to their poor quality and inability to compress and attach to the surface of the human body. That ability allows the Bodyguard garments to absorb impact, spread strain and provide mechanical support to muscle and connective tissue. Compression stockings, are not made to heal injuries, nor do they enhance athletic performance. Durability, injury prevention and healing promotion capabilities of the Bodyguard make it formidably competitive as evidenced by its use with million dollar athletes, NCAA college athletes. Operations: Average Annual Units: 500. 30% COGS. 10% In-Direct Expenses. Profit Rate: 60%** varies by product Opportunity: Growth Funding. Minimum Buy-In: $ 250K in exchange for Negotiated Equity. ROA projected: 30%. 2-3 Years or Convertible Debt.

Use of Proceeds:

  • Automate Operations from Boutique to Mass Production of a custom product (Scale)
  • Expand Distribution Channel from present Grassroots / Limited E-Commerce operation reach to National Presence in Malls, Medical Centers, Colleges, Universities and Professional Teams
  • Obtain FDA Approval to Go From $ 4B Niche Sports Garments Industry into 96B Health and Medicine Industries
  • Marketing &  Market Development (Govt., Large Corporation-Workers Compensation Injury Reduction Global)
  • R&D: Development of Measurement Technology (Body Scanning), New Product Prototyping  (The Ball & Chamber) & Sports Gear Lines (Wear-Me/Stromgren)