Mike GolicCo-host on ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning"
Phil, wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you thanks for the quick delivery of my son's compression shorts for his hamstring injury, he has been wearing them for all practices and games since he has gotten them, and have aided in his recovery, while giving great support, again, thank you, I'm sure our paths will cross again. Take care.
Tom & Georgia S. (and Matt)
Our son, Matt dislocated his shoulder the summer of his eighth grade year while representing our state in a National Wrestling Tournament. The injury, including nerve damage put him out of the sport for over a year. His passion for the sport drove him to want to get back on the mat. Finding your brace gave him the confidence to do that without fear of repeat injury (which he heard horror stories about from the day of his injury all through the balance of his Wrestling career.) He fought back & trained with vigor daily on the mat - but never without his Antibody brace. He wore it almost daily - and at every match. It stood up through his mother's MANY diligent hand washings and the hands on abuse that happens on a Wrestling mat. He wore it proudly until the last day of his High School Wrestling career when he stood on the podium and heard his name announced as he placed 3rd at the Delaware High School State Wrestling tournament. For that we say thank you.
Chris W.
In the almost 3 years I've worn "the Angle" I've managed to loose over 60 lbs, mostly the last year, while cutting my body-fat from 33% to 14% and healed a lot, all while still working two jobs that are extremely hard on my shoulder. If it wasn't for your garment, I know I couldn't have done it and your customer service is second to no-one.
Tim & Tracey D.
Tim & Tracey D.
Just wanted to actually say “thank you” to you and your company for your great product. My twin sons race motocross and a few years ago, during a race my one son, Timothy, was crashed out at the finish line and dislocated his shoulder and tore his labrum. After months of intensive physical therapy on his shoulder, we purchased your antibody shoulder harness so he could resume his motocross racing. Not only has he worn the harness every race, but every practice and he still continues to wear it for over the past year. And even though he has crashed out multiple times this past year (nature of the sport), his shoulder has never again dislocated. We attribute this as a direct benefit of him wearing your harness. We recommend your harness and your company to everyone we know who is in need of one. My sons are 17 years old and racing is their lives and I can’t express my appreciation enough to you and your great product. Thanks for helping me keep my son safe and in top riding shape.
Hedy D.
I was so happy to receive this email from you. Jackie and I have recommended Antibody to anyone that we come across that has a sports injury and needs to play through it. I don't know if you remember Jackie but here is her story. She was a lacrosse player for the University of Notre Dame. She had injured her hamstring in her freshman year in the weight room. It just never quite healed as she played through it. In her junior year she had a recurrence of this injury. This is when we heard about Antibody. She went on to be a two-time First Team All-American for Notre Dame. The only one in the history of Notre Dames Women's Lacrosse.While Jackie was a tough and talented player, we gave a lot of credit to her "magic pants", as we came to call her Antibody pants, for supporting her through the injury. If you ever need a spokesperson for your product, Jackie is your girl. She is still using them as she coaches at Marquette University. Best of Luck and thank you again for such a great product.
Brandon D California
I've had multiple dislocations on my right shoulder from participating in my many extreme sports, motocross being my #1. I had surgery on it a few years back but still always felt like I had to favor it. Then my left side blew out even worse than the right, costing me thousands of dollars in emergency bills. realizing I couldn't afford surgery again, I had to give up riding. Some very depressing years of my life. Then a few months ago I bought a bike again and started researching the different shoulder braces out there. Played around with some single sided ones and had to double them up. Very uncomfortable and couldn't really put faith in them. Then I discovered the Bodyguard double shoulder brace, ordered it to my specifications, got it sent to me fast and it fits perfect! As soon as I put it on I was amazed at the support and comfort, it even makes my posture feel better. so I took it to the track and rode some pretty hard moto! There's a rhythm section with a series of arm wrenching doubles, I could feel the brace holding my shoulders intact as though I never even had an injury! The way this brace grips to your skin like a new set of external tendons/ muscles is absolutely amazing! It didn't move a millimeter whereas other braces slide up my arm and bunch up in my armpit causing great discomfort and distrust in the product. I am very thankful for Bodyguards double shoulder brace allowing me to do what I love most. I will recommend this product to anyone who participates in active sports. I'll be buying another one if this one wears out and I'll probably be trying the knee braces too. Thank you keep it up!
Jacque M.
I could not wait till tomorrow to e-mail you and thank you very much for the elbow brace. When I got it, I put it on right away. I can not believe the difference it has made in one day. I don’t have total movement yet, but I have about 80% more than I did have. And they have been telling me that I had the worst case of “Elbow Acute Lateral Epicondylitis” that they have ever seen. Like I said earlier I have PT this afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing what they think of the improvement. Also I am taking a printout of your home page so they can check you out themselves. P.S. (Update) My PT guy was very impressed and told me to keep wearing the brace. The treatment they are using on me was developed at Ball State University also. Once again Thank you very much,
Lisa G.
I just wanted you to know, I had my old "Velcro straps and stays" knee brace on this morning when yours arrived. I put it on right away and can already tell the difference. A constant ache at the side back of my knee stopped immediately. I go to Zumba three times a week and the classes have at least 50 people in them. You can be sure I will be singing your praises to every one that will listen! Thanks SO much!
Jeannine J.
I am so happy with my Antibody knee brace! I have been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee. I was unable to walk without limping until I started using the Antibody knee brace. It worked so well, I had stopped using it for knee pain! Recently I was preparing to go to my Zumba class and experienced pain in my knee. Of course I immediately placed the knee brace on. Well I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend Zumba class. En route to the gym the knee stopped hurting and I was able execute all of my Zumba moves without pain! This is the best knee brace in the industry!
T Johnson Fayetteville, Ga
I recently had a lower back injury. I am a very athletic person who pride himself on keeping active, but this injury put me in down. I began to wear the usual suspects( Back braces), which are uncomfortable and limits your movement. I have worn Antibody knee braces for a few years now and I am very impressed with the performance. So in that light, I contacted Phil of The BodyGuard by Antibody wear and obtained a Back Brace which is comfortable and supportive. I can wear this every day. Feels like my second skin. Thanks again Phil!!! True to form.
Robert M.
Several years ago I took a nasty fall. Ended up severing off my quad muscle also ripped away the ligaments and tendons from the knee. My surgeon claimed he had never seen a worse knee. Which is saying much considering he'd saved the careers of a number of pro athletes. After the surgery and months of physical therapy my knee showed marginal improvement. But I was at least functional. Then one day I was told about this specific knee brace that actually transfers energy to the muscles. I admittedly was a little skeptical until I got the brace and tried it out at my local gym. I noticed the change immediately. Just leaving the men's locker room to the gym area the muscle responses were better, I didn't even limp as badly. That day I worked my legs harder than I had in years. The improvement was noticeable immediately. I worked out pain free that day and haven't looked back since. Until now I had never endorsed any product but I do endorse this product. BOTTOM LINE....THESE BRACES WORK!
Cara P.
Thanks for the amazing Antibody ankle brace. It feels super comfortable and gives great range of motion when I wear cleats as well as a super slim fit when I'm wearing slim ankle boots.
Jason G.
The application of your compression shorts and knee braces to skiing is nothing short of astounding! "At 48, I am fantasizing of Olympic glory!"
Pam C.
I wanted to say thank you for your speediness in getting this amazing brace to my daughter! Not only was it so quick but it is a perfect fit with awesome quality! She had a serious shoulder surgery about 6 months ago and begins basketball in another week. She has had time to start working in and feel confident about her shoulder again! "Thanks so much!"
John B.Fowler, CA
I received my Bodyguard compression shorts order. I have worn the compression shorts a total of 6 times or 9 hours. I was extremely pleased with the results. At age 75, hamstring and quad injuries do not heal quickly but I was able to play at full speed with no re-occurrence of these injuries. Pickle ball requires a lot of short, quick moves and I played all out with great confidence while I had the shorts on--in fact, I do not want to play if I don’t have them on.
Jon Dunnick Amateur Baseball Player, Windom, Minnesota
In the summer of 2010, I suffered my first major injury of my entire life; a dislocated shoulder. I was playing shortstop in our baseball game and I dove to get the ball and landed on my side, my shoulder taking the most force. Since then, my shoulder has dislocated five times, and the last time my doctor told me I might be looking into surgery to fix up my shoulder. At the age of 18, I didn't want surgery. After researching online, my parents found the “Angle” shoulder brace to try out. This brace has performed so well for me with my active lifestyle. I am active in sports like baseball, softball, basketball, football, almost every day. I have been hit by pitches, ran into by players, and have even made diving stops with this brace on and my arm feels just like had never been injured. The way this brace is set up, when it is on your body, it basically becomes a second skin and I can hardly tell I am wearing it during games. It does not restrict any of my arm motions the slightest bit. The thing this brace does the best is give me the confidence to play to my best ability with no worries and no regrets.
Chris WolfeSouth Carolina
Dear Antibody, My name is Chris Wolfe, I reside in South Carolina. Back in 2005, I injured my bicep tendon in my right shoulder, which eventually turned into an ac joint separation. I went to an orthopedic in search of some relief. A relief that would never come.. until I found the Angle shoulder brace from Antibody. I work as a Mail Carrier with the US Postal Service and I work part time with the local fire department. As part of both jobs, I use my right shoulder everyday and my family depends on me. On any given day I place over 1,000 letters, magazine and packages up and deliver to over 600 customers. If you know anything about the mail service, you depend on your shoulder for your job. I discovered the Angle shoulder brace after many failed attempts with Mcdavid, Bauerfeind (Omotrain), EVS and other big name shoulder joint supports. I spent a lot of hard earned money on these garments but none could help me for more than a few days. Some I would put on and I might as well have just wrapped my shoulder up with saran wrap. I found the Angle in August of 2010, I saw it and figured well, I might as well try it. With a lot of optimism I purchased it... I can tell you all that was the best decision I have made, I have used the Angle every day since at work, I wear it for 8 to 10 hours a day and it stands up to everything that I throw at it. The Angle has given me that support I need to do my job day in and day out. Without it I couldn't do my job, So I say thank you Antibody and President Gilliam for making such a great garment, you have a customer for life...

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