The "BodyGuard™ Compression Shorts provide treatment and protection from nagging, persistent and sometimes devastating lower body injuries to the groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hip pointers and hip flexors.

The device compresses the muscles, attaches itself to the wearer and transfers its stored elastic energy onto the surface of the muscles of the wearer. This energy transfer allows the Bodyguard™ to assist with muscle flexion and extension and absorb the fatigue inducing shock and vibration that your muscles normally absorb during repetitive use.

BodyGuard Compression Garments are constructed of a polymer or blend of neoprene and butyl rubber. This blend is elastic, soft, light and strong. The blend circulates your own body heat to warm your muscles for as long as you wear the device. A variation of this material is used in some wetsuits but not with Antibody's design, inner "attaching" surface or our individual tailored concept.

The BodyGuard Compression Shorts work with you by proactively guarding against and possibly eliminating hamstring and groin pulls with proper compression and distributing any quick movement strain across the entire garment. The garment aids proprioception (the brain's unconscious awareness of the sense of body in space) providing better balance. There will also be improvement in the center of motion; an increase in the efficiency of movement and a noticeable reduction in fatigue due to reduced muscle vibration. It also decreases the build up of lactic acid thereby reducing soreness from your workout. (Lactic acid is associated with strenuous exercise and fatigue).

The devices, which are designed to fit, feel and act like skin and muscle, increase the efficiency of movement. You take less time to perform an explosive movement. They reduce unwanted muscle vibration, a major cause of muscle fatigue.

Bodyguard Compression Garments offer a quantum alternative to ace bandages and tape. Ace bandages lose their elasticity and compression when wet from perspiration. They slip and become ineffective. On the other hand if the ace bandage is drawn too tight it becomes restrictive and again ineffective. Bodyguards offer even support throughout the garment.

The devices are designed to attach and act like a muscular exoskeleton. Bodyguards employ muscle compression, support, heat retention and circulation strain distribution and impact absorption. They accommodate injuries to the shoulder, chest, ribs, trapeziums, biceps, triceps, elbow, groin, hamstring, quadriceps, hip, upper and lower back muscles. Another major difference between Bodyguards and slip on knee, elbow and thigh sleeves is that these devices are anchored and will not slip or move at all.

The Antibody device can help you by supporting, warming and distributing strain around the area of your injury and by keeping you from overcompensating for your injury. We can also tailor and even redesign your device base on your specific concern.

Sounds great, but do you make them for women?

Antibody is for Anybody. We expect women to be especially pleased with the feel, fit and function of our devices. Let us craft one for you.

Antibody will deliver your tailored device(s) within 10 business days of receipt of order, measurements and payment with a proper shipping address. A contact name and phone number is also required.

The increased perspiration will assist in losing some water weight but there is no substitute for a well design workout routine blessed by your physician.

The focus of our Bodyguards is exercise, injury prevention and rehabilitation. The wear and tear to muscles and joints caused by constant heavy lifting can lead to chronic pain and injury. Bodyguards assist with muscle movement, strain distribution and the compression adds stability. If you experience muscle soreness after lifting these boxes, then Antibody is for you.

Bodyguards are individually designed to fit one person in the world, you . The specific customer physical measurements and exercise/injury concern determines how the device will be crafted. The devices are unisex. Let us craft one for you.

Bodyguards are light ,supportive, strong and comfortable. Antibody strives to craft the device to fit, feel and function like added skin and muscle.

The Angle Shoulder Brace is a custom compression shoulder brace that delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption. The Angle is designed to reduce the effects of mild shoulder separations/ subluxations, shoulder dislocations, shoulder joint instability, post operative rehabilitation of the shoulder joint, impact trauma to the shoulder and upper back and to attempt to reduce some of the effects of genetic shoulder instability relative to Elhers Danlos-syndrome.

By compressing, compartmentalizing and stabilizing the shoulder joint and all the musculature and connective tissue of the entire shoulder complex.

The Angle is designed by measuring the shoulder, the bicep, the bicep base, the chest (Expanded), the chest below the pectoral(Expanded) the length of arm measurement to the bicep base and total length from the top of the shoulder to below the pectoral muscles.

Measurement instructions for the Angle appear at The measurements are then compressed using compression ratios. The base material is a perforated polymer blend to allow the skin to breath. The polymer is light, soft but very strong. The polymer has a tactile inner surface that attaches to the surface of the human body and won't slip even after heavy perspiration. The material is 1/8th of an inch thick so it absorbs direct impact. The overall effect is like having larger shoulder muscles or an exoskeleton of thin muscle enveloping the shoulder, bicep, chest and upper back.

The abduction strap is permanent, velcro attachment to the Angle Shoulder brace that starts behind the bicep and traverses over the deltoid to attach in the center of the chest. It simply allows an athletic trainer/physical therapist to know when an athletes arm has reached a certain point during slow rehab exercises. It does not restrict Range of motion and the Angle will function just as well without it.

The Angle is a unisex shoulder brace custom designed for men and women.

Any Bodyguard brace can be designed and shipped in 7-10 business days.

The Bodyguard shorts are equipped with a 360 degree groin protector double sewn into the crotch. When the athlete puts on the Bodyguard they would leave about a 1 inch gap between "themselves" and the Bodyguard in the crotch. The protector "floats" between the legs (attached to the inner thighs) and conducts all explosive movements in the groin area out evenly and back evenly. You can protect the groin without ever coming into physical contact with the groin. The Groin Protector acts as a shock absorber for all the musculature and connective tissue in the pelvic area.

The Paratrooper Combo consist of (2) two Antibody Open Patella Knee Braces (OPKB) and (2) two 329 Heel Lock Ankle Braces. The Combo is a designed to prevent and reduce knee and ankle injuries sustained by paratroopers during airborne operations and to reduce injury for all ground forces throughout the armed services of the United States. The Combo is designed to provide significant structural and mechanical support to the knee and ankle complexes and to act as a combat multiplier for United States Armed Forces personnel.

Disclaimer: These statement are for informational purposes only and not intended to give medical advice or recommendations and cannot be constructed to be legally binding as to a guarantee or warranty. Consult with your physician for specific information.