The Science: SEET Stored Elastic Energy Transfer

This patented line of premium compression sportswear has revolutionized how muscle injury is prevented and treated. Made of a state of the art neoprene polymer, the BodyGuard™ line offers a unique combination of both muscle support and performance enhancement.

The secret to the BodyGuard™ products is the theory of Stored Elastic Energy Transfer (“SEET”). The theory is simple. Attach a compressive, elastic material to the surface of the human body and you will transfer its Stored Elastic Energy directly onto the surface of the human body. This compressive energy transfer reduces muscle vibration and tissue damage, delays onset of muscle fatigue, raises muscle temperature and absorbs direct impact. The result is maximum compression and unequalled support, all in easy to use, lightweight, comfortable sportswear products.

The results of the study conducted on the BodyGuard at the Ball State University Human Performance Laboratory are published in the internationally recognized Journal of Sports Sciences in August 2003 (Journal of Sports Sciences, 2003, issue 21, page 601-610). The findings were remarkable. The devices were shown to increase stride rate and vertical jump height, raise muscle temperature more rapidly during warm-up and absorb direct impact forces. These findings translated into the latest advancement in muscle injury prevention, treatment and performance enhancement.

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Compression Shorts Analyzed by Robert U. Newton Ph.D.

Read Ball State Study of BodyGuard Compression Shorts “I personally am very excited about the potential of your products for performance enhancement
and injury reduction.”Robert U. Newton Ph.D.Director, Biomechanics Laboratory

Ball State University

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This peer reviewed study was published in the Journal of Sports Science in August of 2003 (2003, issue 21, page 601-610)