BodyGuard™ Custom Compression Shorts

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The Bodyguard™ Custom Compression Shorts delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption.


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The Bodyguard is a 100% custom made compression short that delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption. The Bodyguard is designed to reduce the effects of groin, hamstring, quadriceps, thigh, pelvis, hip pointer, hip flexor, lower back injuries and impact trauma/severe bruising to the lower body. The Bodyguard is also designed to enhance the physical performance of the athlete.

Measurement instructions for the Bodyguard appear below. The measurements are then compressed using compression ratios. The base material is a perforated polymer blend to allow the skin to breath. The polymer is light, soft but very strong. The polymer has a tactile inner surface that attaches to the surface of the human body and won’t slip even after heavy perspiration. The material absorbs direct impact.

The Bodyguard has a 360 degree groin protector double sewn into the crotch. When the athlete puts on the Bodyguard they would leave about a 1 inch gap between “themselves” and the Bodyguard in the crotch. The protector “floats” between the legs (attached to the inner thighs) and conducts all explosive movements in the groin area out evenly and back evenly. The Groin Protector acts as a shock absorber for all the musculature and connective tissue in the pelvic area. The overall effect of The Bodyguard is like having larger leg muscles or an exoskeleton of thin muscle enveloping the lower body from the waist to the knees


The Bodyguard™ has been scientifically tested at the Ball State University Human Performance Laboratory (2001).

The highlights of the findings are as follows:

The Bodyguard™ Compression Shorts:

  • Provides consistent even compression which creates muscle support and reduces muscle vibration which in turn reduces the likelihood of muscle strain and tear.
  • Provides heat circulation which reduces warm-up time and raises muscle temperature to its optimum performance level of (38.5C) and then maintains it, again reducing the likelihood of tears and strains caused by muscle cooling during short breaks.
  • Provides performance enhancement  (see performance tests)
  • Scientifically shown to increase vertical jump height.
  • Delays the onset of muscle fatigue by assisting with muscle flexion and extension and absorbing the fatigue inducing shock and vibration that your muscles normally absorb so that you can perform at a higher level longer than your competition.
  • Assists in efficiency of movement so there’s less wasted motion.

Measurement steps for your custom BodyGuard™

Use a standard measuring tape in “inches”. Record the measurements on the form. Click buy now.

MEASUREMENT 1 Waist: Measure the waist at the height of the navel. Do not hold in stomach. Measure in exhale position.
MEASUREMENT 2 Hips: Measure around the hips at widest point.
MEASUREMENT 3 Inseam to Knee: Measure the length from the crotch to four inches above the knee (inseam).
MEASUREMENT 4 Thigh: Measure thigh at thickest point.
MEASUREMENT 5 Thigh at Lowest Point of Inseam: This spot is located four inches above the knee (inseam).
MEASUREMENT 6 Total Length Measurement: This will be the full length of your suit. The measurement should be taken from behind. Begin the measurement in the center of the back, at the waistline, come down over the buttocks, and stop four inches above the knee.

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  1. Mike Golic, Co-host on ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning”

    Phil, wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you thanks for the quick delivery of my son’s compression shorts for his hamstring injury, he has been wearing them for all practices and games since he has gotten them, and have aided in his recovery, while giving great support, again, thank you, I’m sure our paths will cross again. Take care.

    Note: Review transferred from previous Antibody, Inc website.

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