BodyGuard™ Angle Compression Shoulder Brace


Custom made to help with shoulder separations/ subluxations, dislocations, joint instability, post operative rehabilitation and impact trauma to the shoulder and upper back.

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Antibody compression braces are custom made to fit each customer. Please enter your measurements.

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The Angle is a 100% custom made compression shoulder brace that delivers compression, support, muscle heat circulation, strain distribution and impact absorption. The Angle compression shoulder brace is designed to reduce the effects of shoulder separations/ subluxations , shoulder dislocations, shoulder joint instability, post operative rehabilitation of the shoulder joint and impact trauma to the shoulder and upper back. These injuries are most often caused by impact trauma, overuse or a single violent twist or downward/upward thrust to the shoulder.

The Angle is also designed to reduce some of the effects of genetic shoulder instability relative to Elhers Danlos-syndrome by compressing, compartmentalizing and stabilizing the shoulder joint and the musculature of the entire shoulder region. The Angle shoulder brace compresses and physically attaches to the surface of the human body and won’t slip even after heavy perspiration. The overall effect is like having larger shoulder muscles or an exoskeleton of muscle enveloping the shoulder, bicep, chest and upper back region.

By attaching to the wearer, along with the compression, The Angle transfers elastic energy, spreads shoulder strain over the entire working surface of the garment and works to prevent repeat shoulder dislocations. Thus, the Angle has application in a wide array of sports activities in which shoulder strain, overuse and injury occur, such as football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, hockey and volleyball. If you suffer from shoulder pain associated with overuse on your job the Angle can assist you in those movements as well. Let the Angle take the weight off your shoulders!

The Angle Compression Shoulder Brace:

  • Provides consistent even compression which creates muscle support and reduces muscle vibration which in turn reduces the likelihood of muscle strain and tear.
  • Provides heat circulation which reduces warm-up time and raises muscle temperature to its optimum performance level of (38.5C) and then maintains it, again reducing the likelihood of tears and strains caused by muscle cooling during short breaks.
  • The Angle transfers its elastic energy to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and subdeltoid bursa sac of the wearer and thereby spreads shoulder strain over the entire working surface of the garment which works to prevent repeat shoulder injuries and dislocations.
  • Delays the onset of muscle fatigue by assisting with muscle flexion and extension and absorbing the fatigue inducing shock and vibration that your muscles normally absorb so that you can perform at a higher level longer than your competition.
  • Assists in efficiency of movement so there’s less wasted motion.

Measurement steps for your custom BodyGuard™

Use a standard measuring tape in “inches”. Record the measurements on the form. Click buy now.


Measure around the armpit and deltiod.

MEASUREMENT 2 Bicep Measurement:

Measure around bicep (un-flexed in natural position).

MEASUREMENT 3 Bicep Base/Above Elbow:

Measure around base of the bicep just above the elbow.


Measure the chest (Expanded) at the widest point. Take deep breadth and hold for measurement.

MEASUREMENT 5 Chest Below Pectoral:

Measure the chest below pectoral muscle (Expanded). Take deep breadth and hold for measurement.

MEASUREMENT 6 Total Length:

Measure the length from the top of the shoulder down to below pectoral. (Exact point Step 5 measurement taken).

MEASUREMENT 7Neck Measurement:

Measure around the neck.

MEASUREMENT 8 Arm Length Measurement:

Measure the length from the side of the neck to bicep base/above elbow. (Exact place Step 3 measurement taken).

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